We partner with the right movers and shakers in each country to bring our tribe the best in events, nightlife, wellness, and luxury.


The Best of Qatar 2022

We partnered with the finest venues in Qatar and brought the tribe the best sporting experiences during the World Cup. We hosted unmatched afterparties, concerts, and capped it off with a beach-side wellness event called Soulscape.


We’re thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary journey that combines the artistic genius of Luciano with the expertise of the award-winning Capric-es Festival team. TRIBE and ITER are heading to Zanzibar again, and this time, it’s even more special. It’s a holistically organized musical trip like no other.

From November 4 to 12, 8 private and exclusive events for our participants of sheer bliss await you at the hotel of your choice. Get ready for 8 exclusive events in breathtaking, unique locations, island tours, and activities that will reveal the hidden gems of this paradise. But that’s not all – expect culinary pleasures and treatments that will pamper your senses.

What sets TRIBE and ITER apart is our dedication to creating unforgettable moments. Our shows feature internationally renowned artists in intimate settings, allowing you to truly connect with the music. It’s more than just a festival; it’s an immersive experience.

While TRIBE spans the globe, offering exclusive and luxurious experiences to its members, ITER introduces holistic activities that connect you with your inner self, enriching your journey. It’s a chance to share your passion with like-minded festival-goers, creating bonds that last a lifetime.

Stay tuned for our line-up announcement; we’ve got 9 world-renowned international acts waiting to dazzle you.

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime, where music, culture, and nature converge to create an unforgettable experience.

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Join us on this enchanting adventure and rediscover the joy, purpose, and vitality that life has to offer!

Zanzibar 2022

The finest luxury resort in all of Zanzibar, matched with exclusive afterparties, Soundscape Zanzi backstage passes, nature excursions, wellness, and healing activities, as well as a once-in-a-lifetime boat party.


Our tribe was invited to explore the best spots in Cyprus at exclusive parties, where we connected with the finest in music and wellness. An exclusive boat party was the perfect finishing touch.


At this exclusive event in Qatar, we basked in the glory of desert dunes to the tunes of amazing DJs. We also focused on well-being and explored group activities such as sound healing and meditation.